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Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational

Prospectus & Registration

There are two ways to submit your application to the Perspectives Selection Team:  

1) The preferred method is to register online by clicking on the button below; submit resume, contact information and images online.

Submit Here


 2) Apply via US mail and submit a CD and resume by following the Prospectus (click on below) and submit according the instructions stated therein. 


Thank you for Applying to Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational; Your application will be confirmed by a member of the Selection Team


15th Annual Perspectives:

Georgia Pottery Invitational

Save the Dates!

August 25 - September 13, 2017



PERSPECTIVES is once again listed in the Top 20 Events© by Southeast Tourism Society

OCAF's Annual Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational pottery event is one of the premier and largest pottery events in the region. Showcasing the works of 50 Georgia potters the event features 3 exhibits as well as a sales venue offering over 7,000 pieces of original, hand-made pottery. Perspectives also offers workshops, demonstartions, and tours of local potters' studios. More information on 2017 Perspectives events available below.

New in 2017: Fully Air Conditioned Rocket Hall

& Late Night Shopping on Fridays until 8pm

Click here to see a list of the 2017 Perspectives potters

 Click here to see a slideshow of works by the 2017 potters






Perspectives Opening Gala Reception & Preview Sale

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 6 to 9 pm

$20 Admission

(no advance sales-purchase tickets at the event)

Free parking 

 1902 OCAF Center & Rocket Hall (old Watkinsville Gym)
34 School Street, Watkinsville, GA  30677

Admission entitles you to purchase pottery before the show opens to the public.

The opening Gala, Reception and Pottery Sale is a pottery collector's paradise with an extensive selection of hand-made functional pottery with over 7,000 pots to view and choose from in the Rocket Hall Sales Gallery. "Meet and mingle" with this year's participating potters while enjoying a wide assortment of tasty catered foods and liquid refreshments under the tents adjacent to the 1902 Building. Music on the outdoor stage will be provided by Period Six, who perform a unique blend of Jazz standards featuring collective communication and soulful improvisation. 

Additionally, three significant exhibitions in 1902 OCAF Center will be open. The Main Gallery will feature the best works of each of the 50 Georgia potters, titled "PARTICIPATING POTTERS: 2017"The Members' Gallery will hold "Echizen in Japan" - an outstanding exhibit of traditional yakishime, (high-fired unglazed pottery) featuring the pottery of Naoki Izuma. Chris Kelly, professor at Piedmont College, is curating this exhibit. The Hall Gallery will feature In a Galaxy Not Far Away” by Beau Raymond. Beau Raymond’s ceramic work has arrived from light years away to bring joy, laughter and excitement to all Earthlings. 


Click Here

to see a fantastic video of the festivities from years past.

Video by Ken Krakow, / Music by Squat


Event Continues


August 26 through September 13

including Sundays and Labor Day

 Saturday - Thursday, 10am to 5pm daily

Fridays, 10am to 8pm


NEW Extended Hours on Fridays, open until 8 pm

Free Admission  &  Free Parking



1902 OCAF Center & Rocket Hall
34 School Street, Watkinsville, GA  30677
Free admission and open to the general public.
Buses welcome.


Main Gallery

"Participating Potters: 2017"

This annual exhibit and sale, featuring the best works of each of the 50 Georgia potters, is considered by many as the finest display of contemporary pottery in the Southeast.

 Members Gallery

"Echizen in Japan"

Curated by Chris Kelly

An outstanding exhibit of pottery from Echizen in Japan, and its tradition of yakishime,(high-fired unglazed pottery) and featuring the pottery of Naoki Izuma.


Hall Gallery

"In a Galaxy Not Far Away"   

by Beau Raymond 

Beau Raymond’s ceramic work has arrived from light years away to bring joy, laughter and excitement to all Earthlings. Their mission is to fulfill your parched palettes with libations of your choice assisting you in your journey through the Galaxy of Milky. These ceramic vessels have traveled using unique saucers as transportation to Earth. Unlike Earthly beings, they are made of a hard substance known as Porcelain found in The Vitreous Galaxy. Although seemingly strong, they are fragile, just not as fragile as an Earthling Vessel. They have traveled far and are in need of a new home. Please find the perfect home from a galaxy not far away!


Rocket Hall

Gigantic Pottery Sale - Thousands of Pots 

For twenty continuous days the old Watkinsville Gym, now called Rocket Hall, and 1902 OCAF Center will be rocking with more than 7,000 pieces of original hand-made pottery produced by 50 of Georgia’s finest potters. Most of the participating potters will have an average of 100 pots on display. This 15th annual premium sale of contemporary functional and decorative pottery is the largest of its kind in the Southeast.    

Click Here

to see Paul Milliken, Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta at Perspectives 2015



In addition to the Exhibits & Pottery Sale, Perspectives will hold gallery talks, pottery demonstrations, and a pottery workshop during the 20 day event.


Gallery Talks by Michael Pitts

Sundays, September 3 and 10, Starting at 1pm
Main Gallery, 1902 OCAF Center
Free admission & open to the general public

Expand your pottery proficiency in a gallery talk through the exhibition galleries. Michael Pitts, a well-known Georgia potter, will lead these talks covering pottery styles, clays, glazes, firing techniques and general information about various pieces in the exhibit.



Pottery Demonstrations by Participating Potters

Every Saturday, 1pm to 4pm
Rocket Hall Courtyard
Free admission & open to the general public

Over the three hour period these experienced potters will demonstrate wheel throwing and hand building techniques and be available to answer your questions.

 Saturday, August 26: Maria Dondero

 Saturday, September 2: Tammy Josephson

 Saturday, September 9: Martha Cook 



Perspectives Pottery Workshop with Naoki Izumi

Saturday, August 26 & Sunday, August 27
10 AM - 5 PM
 Fee $165, includes lunch both days

This two-day demonstration/workshop is a once in a life-time opportunity to learn from Naoki Izumi about the methods and secrets of Echizen pottery, one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.Naoki Izumi began to question his occupation as a businessman in Tokyo during the troubling economy of the late 1980s. Contemplating alternative professions,  Izumi began researching ceramic communities in hopes of turning his one-time hobby into a new full-time career. This is what brought him to Echizen. Once there, he began a five-year apprenticeship under master potter, Furukawa.  During this time, Izumi spent his days making his mentor’s work but devoted his evenings to perfecting and producing his own line of work. This new lifestyle satiated his artistic desire and his fascination with wood-fire techniques. Izumi was attracted to Echizen’s strong ceramic community and most importantly to its tradition of yakishime, (high-fired unglazed pottery). After completing his apprenticeship, Izumi built the first of many traditional anagama kilns.

Izumi devotes great time planning the loading and firing of his kiln. Believing that,  “Eighty percent of (the firing) success depends upon the placement of pots in the kiln.” He feels there is a careful balance between the number of pots in the kiln and the ash deposits on the surfaces of each pot. He believes that if too many pots are loaded into the kiln, the surface coloration of each piece will suffer. When stacked appropriately, the pots will exhibit his desired attribute of nuke (an area on a wood-fired pot that is partially shielded from the effects of direct ash deposits). This light ash-colored deposited on each piece contrasts nicely with other areas of heavy ash buildup. 

Izumi’s approach to producing art coincides with his awareness of SuHaRi, (often referenced in martial arts). This concept instructs a student to first master the discipline, then to break from the discipline, and finally to transcend the discipline. Regarding this, Izumi has dedicated much time to learn the techniques of old Echizen ware; having mastered those skills, he is now reinterpreting traditions. Izumi looks forward to the final stage of Ri.

Register online for the 2017 Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational Workshop, or call 706-769-4565


Volunteering with PERSPECTIVES  

PERSPECTIVES would not be possible without all the wonderful volunteers who make it happen. Volunteers help with everything from pre-event preparation to cashiering & greeting throughout the event to post-event wrap-up. And they have a wonderful time doing it! Ask anyone who has volunteered in the past.  

As a valuable added bonus, volunteers will be treated to an Appreciation Reception in Rocket Hall the evening the event closes. During the reception, dinner will be served and volunteers will be able to shop and receive a 30% discount on all pottery in Rocket Hall. (Pottery in the OCAF Galleries will not be discounted).

Volunteer opportunities for Perspectives 2017 now available!

Click the button below to see available dates / times / jobs

and to SignUp!



Thank You to all the volunteers of this and every year's

Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational! 

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For all other information please call the OCAF offices at 706-769-4565 Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM.


Perspectives: Georgia Pottery Invitational is an OCAF event.